Welcome Blog

Welcome Blog

Welcome to our blog!

We weren’t going to write blogs, but quickly realised that if we wanted to get our tips and ideas out, we needed to do some regular postings.

So here we are…..

Look out for our first blog coming soon! We will help you with your work from home venture, and we will give you the right mindset to cope with both the loneliness of working outside of an employed environment and with disciplining yourself to knuckle down and do what you need to in amongst home distractions – of which there are many. Trust me – we have been there. It was easier to take the dog for a walk than to make phone calls, and to find other distractions, to avoid putting that extra effort in.

So stick with us. We’ll have some fun along the way, and you will have people that you can bounce off from time to time, on your journey to the top.


Karen and Trevor

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If you truly want your life to change, you will find the way. If you don't, you will find excuses.
— Trevor and Karen Blake

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